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Hope You're Happy - Released in 2007

On July 7th, 2007, our live performance equipment was most unfortunely stolen, and in reponse we have self released a mostly all instrumental album soley for the purpose of replacing our gear. purchacing this temporary record will support us greatly.

1. Can't Make A Sound
2. Dude Stole My Stuff
3. And I Want It Back
4. Tycho - A Circular Reeducation (Dusty Brown Remix)
5. Don't Steal Stuff
6. Sunny Day, Cloudy Morning
7. Where's Your Huggies
8. A Yellow Lake
9. A Blue Sun
10. Funeral Stamepede
11. Sick People
12. P.S. You're Dead
13. Live Hardware Test
14. One Take Miracles
15. Headed West Then Turned Back
16. Enjoy

Dusty Brown Ep - Released in 2005
•  $6.99

1. Random Music
2. I Saw a Light
3. In My Place That's All
4. Too Much Attention
5. My Mother's Fading Spirit

Volume One - Released in 1999
•  $10.00

1. Last One
2. Beginning Of The End
3. Fat Man On Top
4. Chaser
5. Dropped Change
6. Chump
7. Lonely Times
8. Full Got Go
9. One Cat For Dog
10. My One
11. Clashing Symbols
12. Lok Time Two
13. He Gave It All
14. Strange Place
15. My Best Friend's Metallic Frog

Volume One is the album self-released in 1999. 1000 copies were made and sold, yet has been made available here. This is a mix of drum & bass and down-tempo songs wriitten by Dusty Brown.

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